Who we are

A place where real life flourishes

We believe that the Bible gives you practical answers to real life issues. What you learn in church on Sunday you’ll be able to use on Monday!

A place where faith in God is life changing

The service starts around 10.30am and finishes around 11.30am when we serve tea, coffee and refreshments.

A place where unconditional love is given

At Rumney Chapel we try and make coming to church easy. With a mix of modern and traditional music, messages that are practical and encouraging and a very relaxed atmosphere. We know that the first time at church, any church can be really awkward and can bring up loads of questions like, “What shall I wear?”, “Is there anything for the kids?”.

A place where you’ll fit right in!

“People were warm and friendly” At the Chapel we’ll try our best to make sure you’re always welcomed with a smiling face and a warm handshake. We work hard to make sure you don’t have to work hard at fitting in. “They don’t expect me to give money” We do take an offering at our church services but as a visitor please don’t feel obliged to give anything. “They had stuff for my kids to do” It’s important to know that your children are in a safe, enjoyable environment, and we know that kids love to have fun! Kids are a priority at the Chapel!.

Join us this Sunday - 10:30am